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Smartly is a Italian startup that offers cloud services for wearable market.

Mission would be to offer customizable software solutions to support companies’ daily activity, enabling them to extract the most value :

Enhance the user experience , the safety at work with Wearable Technology, reduce the costs with the performance improving and make key information available to employees and customers when and where they need it, via wearable devices and non.

Founded in August 2014, our SaaS cloud platform can help and change the business strategy of a company, focusing on the following areas : 

1. Work Safety

  • "Smartly solutions allow you to maintain maximum productivity, while increasing worker safety"
2. Big-Data Analytic :

  • "Smartly's advanced analytic help you to run up your business"
3.  Interaction : 
  • "With Smartly,  you can receive useful information at the correct time on your smart device,  and it will help you to choose the correct action"
4. Hands-free :
  • "Smartly run also on smartglass, to optimize the user-experience , increase the productivity and reduce time-cost on daily activties"

Target Markets

  • Industry
  • Commercial / Retail
  • Infotainment
Organization Type Company
Organization Size1-10
Founding Year2014
CityMilano20124, Via Pordenone 15 Google map