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Orchestra is an innovative start-up grounded in 2015 at I3P, the Incubator of Innovative Companies of the Polytechnic of Turin. Orchestra started as a joint-venture by bMooble s.r.l., a software company founded in 2008, as a start-up within I3P, providing platforms for M2M and mobile digital ecosystems and AL.MEC s.r.l., of Dogliani (CN), an SME developing products and mechatronic solutions since 2001 for equipped vehicles in the field of waste recycling. ORCHESTRA designs and delivers a hardware and software platform for innovative CLOUD services for real time remote control, diagnostics and reconfiguration of any plant, machine, equipment or sensor. Orchestra platform has been designed to solve the remote monitoring issues for different machines and equipment. Machines are very heterogeneous in functionalities and include those for waste collection, agricultural activities, aerial platform operations and earth-moving machineries to name a few.

Orchestra is an IoT platform for remote diagnostics, monitoring and control of commercial vehicles, special machines and industrial equipment used in different industries like waste collection and disposal, constructions, agriculture and logistics to name a few.

The customers – machine manufacturers, vehicle rental firms and dealers and their customers – willing to track, monitor and assist their own assets during different operations can take advantage of the Orchestra platform over internet from any PC or mobile device, accessing the portal to activate the on-demand services of interest.

Remote control results in cost savings for the organizations by limiting technical on-site support, improving maintenance processing, significantly reducing downtime and optimizing use schedule of their different resources.

Orchestra allows real time monitoring of each parameter of a machine by integrating its control board units with the plug and play installation of the Orchestra electronic device.

The Orchestra device reads the data by accessing the CAN protocol of the machine on one side, and on the other allows the CLOUD connection with the Orchestra platform using a data SIM card or a Wi-Fi connection.

Manufacturers of vehicles and machines may also remotely upgrade and reconfigure their on-board control units in a safety environment.

Experience and know how in electronic and IoT make Orchestra available also for design of effective custom solutions to address specific requirements and needs of customers and markets.

Organization Type Company
Organization Size1-10
Founding Year2015
CityTurin10147 , Via Cardinal Massaia, 83 - c/o I3P Google map
Offer & Request

Remote diagnostic, monitoring and control system for commercial vheicles and special machines.

Orchestra operate within its target market through partners able to resell its technology and solutions to their own customers. We are looking for potential channels – systems integrators, complementary equipment suppliers, machineries designers and services companies – interested in offering Orchestra to their customers also in OEM modality. We can also provide customers and partners with custom design products based on their specs, to develop innovative systems.

Keywords: OrchestraMonitoring SystemIoTM2MDiagnostic
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