What is a matchmaking event?

Business matchmaking is a highly focused form of B2B networking that has become a valuable and integral part of many business conferences. In as little as 30 minutes, entrepreneurs and business professionals can identify and launch potentially rewarding B2B cooperation and business partnerships. B2B matchmaking is a fast and easy way to introduce your business to both potential partners and new markets.
Effective B2B matchmaking consists of four simple steps:


Fill out the online matchmaking form and create your business profile. Your online profile will introduce you and your company to potential business partners, explain the products and services that you offer, and describe what you are looking for in future cooperation partners or partnerships.

Profile Visibility and Promotion

Once your company's profile is complete it will be visible to all participants, the event organizer, will promote it  through all available channels .

Scheduling Appointments

After you receive email notification that the scheduling period has begun you can proceed to the next step – scheduling bilateral matchmaking meetings. In just a few minutes you can enter the search criteria that meet your business needs and identify potential partners.
Send meeting requests to potential partners based on your schedule and arrange a mutually convenient meeting based on shared interests. Be prepared to respond to potential partners who are interested in what your company offers. 
A few days before conference starts we will email your personal meeting schedule with the names of your matchmaking meeting partners and other details

Bilateral Talks

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  • Meetings Requested36
  • Meetings Accepted9


Profile views

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  • Registration: 9 Mar - 7 May

    Meeting selection: 11 Apr - 7 May

    Event:  11 May - 12 May


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